Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Over the hump at VBS

Another great day at VBS. I was talking to two little girls today and one said,"You were God yesterday weren't you."
I said, "Yes, but I don't look much like God do I."
Racheal replied,"You sure sounded like God."
Rachael doesn't know it but she has moved up to the number one spot on my favorite kids at VBS list. Thanks Rachael, you made my day.

Well, today I could not find my "God" microphone so it was too hard to be both God and the narrator. Fortunately, the story adapted well and the kids had a good time packing, marking their house with blood and eating unleavened bread. (One sharp kid noticed the bread was the same as the flour tortillas his mom used for tacos and commented that he liked italian food.) They were glad to be passed over and hurried out of Egypt following Moses. Thank you Katie for being Moses at the last minute, itchy beard and all.

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