Monday, November 2, 2009

Savoring the moment

Ben rushes into the house from the school bus. I glance up to see him run back outside. I follow him and he is covered in dirt with a glass sitting next to him.

Mom: "Ben, What are you doing?"
Ben: "Nothing...I'm almost done."
Mom: "What is that glass doing outside?"
Ben: "I was...a...thirsty."
Mom: "Come on Ben. Let's go inside, clean you up and you can tell me about what you are doing."
Ben: "Well, Mom, you know when a person plants a piece of gum, hoping a tree will grow."
I nod trying to look like the wise mom.
Ben: "I had this piece of candy (a great sour candy called toxic waste) and I planted it. I wasn't wasting it because it had fallen on the floor of the school bus. I know it probably won't grow but there is always hope. God can do anything."
Mom: "You're right Ben, there is always hope."