Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fall Ball Saturday

Two games today Ben's at 9:00 and Nick's at 12:30.

Ben's - Coach pitch in the rain. Ben liked being catcher the best. This is an interesting position. The coach uses a big bucket of balls and pitches one pitch right after the next, especially in the rain when he wants to keep the game moving. Anytime Ben caught the ball, it would still be in his glove as the next ball arrived. Ben would try to dodge it, but frequently, it would just bounce off of him. I'd rename this position catcher/target.

More fun at Ben's game. While Ben was catching, there were several pauses to refill the ball bucket. After the first, Ben decided he would play his position differently. He played sitting down and gathered the balls between his legs. Like a hen with a big clutch of eggs, Ben hoarded the balls in hopes he could throw them back to the pitcher instead of just putting them in the bucket. No such luck. Ben came over to me after the inning and said, "Mom, I wanted to be a ball machine and keep throwing them." He demonstrated with awesome sound effects. The ball machine at the batting cages Thursday evening really had an impact.

Nick's - A bit more serious. They actually keep score,count outs etc... Nick had a good game for having been at a sleepover the night before. He was tired as he walked out onto the field but pulled it together. He even scored a run. Nick's team won! Way to go Bulldogs!

In tomorrow's game, Nick will pitch for the first time. He is excited and nervous. He practiced a little after the game today and looked good.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Too Busy at Palmer?

Wow! I really have a love/hate relationship with school. I love going to school- the people, classes, ideas etc... Hate the feeling that I have too much to do and a brain that might explode trying to get everything done.

Learning to juggle my responsibilities at home with my new responsibilities is a challenge. I sometimes think, if only I could take one class a semester, it would be perfect. Two or three things would not be due the same day and I could just enjoy school. But then again there are benefit to taking multiple classes. Classes have interconnected themes and my thinking is more challenged. Being at school two days with some time between classes allows me to befriend other students, sharing ideas and challenges. Besides if I took one class at a time, I'd be in school forever. School is not my hobby, but a means of developing the skills I need to live out my calling.

So, where does that leave me. I love school. In life I always seem to have an overflowing plate or not enough to do. I much prefer the overflowing plate. Life is good.