Sunday, August 16, 2009

The End of VBS

Today was the official end of VBS at Crossroads. The kids and adult leaders sang in church, there was a slide show and a couple brave souls came in costume. That would be Anne and I. Anne was a wise man and I was a BTL. Not to be confused with the ever popular BLT. As a Bible Trek Leader, I was dressed in camping/hiking clothes. It was pretty obvious that Anne was in costume, most people don't wear crowns and robes to Crossroads; however, I am not sure people realized I was in costume even with a water bottle hanging from my belt, a bandana tied in my hear and a waist pack instead of a purse. That might explain some of the odd looks.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Couldn't go to leadership summit

I missed the leadership summit this year. Fortunately Sage Tom went. He gives the following Advice to Leaders: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, walk together. Some real wisdom in that!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Two VBS's???

This year I had the privilege of being a part of two VBS's. That is because our family has been involved in Tri-County's VBS for the past 4 years and I was helping with that. Then... Crossroads hired a dynamic new director of Children's Ministry. Crossroads, a UMC church plant is our home church. The new Children' director, Leigh Anne, thought it would be fun to have a VBS so we began planning one in July without even a location. God has worked everything out and it looks like this will be one of the most unique and fun VBS's I have ever been involved in.

Such a cool location for VBS

Crossroads VBS begins on Monday and it will be unique. The Connors are hosting us at their house. They have a fabulous yard for Camp E.D.G.E. We will be taking daily Bible treks.

The first day is Trek to the Promise land. The storytime begins in a tent with a Bible Trek leader from there the kids travel through the woods and down to a river (a real one!) where they meet Joshua aka Pastor Tom in costume. He will be standing next to a stack of 12 stones and he will tell about the trip across the river and how God stopped the water and how the stones were put there to remember what God had done...

The second day is the Trek to Bethlehem. We begin in the tent then follow a star through a path in the woods ending up under the deck where we meet a wise man who tells about visiting Jesus.

The third day we begin in the tent and follow a different path to the Pharasee's house where a servant is cleaning up from a dinner party Jesus had been to. The servant will share about the dinner and teachings of Jesus.

The fourth day we start at our storytelling tent and travel to the upper room. Take the path through the woods and end up on the top level of the deck. We will meet and hear from one of Jesus' disciples.

The fifth day is the trek to Galilee. We travel to a mountain. There really is a hill and meet Mary and hear that Jesus is alive.

The location just lends itself to these stories and except for a few props and some costumes, the prep is relatively simple.

Looking forward to a fun time next week.

Monday, August 3, 2009

An Awesome team

We have a team together for the Bible Story center at VBS. With one week to plan, we really needed to get together. Great news! Everyone is available on Wednesday morning. Yeah! Can't wait to get started. Please pray for us Tom, Anne, Kit and I as we communicate the Bible stories to the kidos. May this be educational and fun for all.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A tight fist

Pastor Tom mentioned the importance of giving and being generous today. He said that when the hand is closed tightly one is not able to take or receive what God wants to give them. What a great image. I can just see one of my boys clenching 3 M&M's so tightly, refusing to share them with his brothers, he is unable to take the bag I am holding out. Not only that but the color on the M&M's in his hand is beginning to spread over his skin and they are becoming less appealing the longer he holds them.

I think this principle applies to many things. One who does not give love, grace, forgiveness etc... is not open to receiving these things either. There are times when I have been so unwilling to forgive that I became embittered? During those times, the world a lot less forgiving as well. Generosity may be easiest with money or time but it is needed in every domain in life, if one wants to really live an abundant life.

Beautiful Indian Garments

Wow! Jessie really outdid herself. When I mentioned that I loved her clothing from India, she offered to get me some on her next trip. Well, she was true to her word and brought me back two beautiful Indian outfits. I wore one to church today and will be wearing it to Kate's bridal shower this afternoon. They are not only unique and beautiful but comfortable. Thanks Jessie.