Sunday, August 2, 2009

A tight fist

Pastor Tom mentioned the importance of giving and being generous today. He said that when the hand is closed tightly one is not able to take or receive what God wants to give them. What a great image. I can just see one of my boys clenching 3 M&M's so tightly, refusing to share them with his brothers, he is unable to take the bag I am holding out. Not only that but the color on the M&M's in his hand is beginning to spread over his skin and they are becoming less appealing the longer he holds them.

I think this principle applies to many things. One who does not give love, grace, forgiveness etc... is not open to receiving these things either. There are times when I have been so unwilling to forgive that I became embittered? During those times, the world a lot less forgiving as well. Generosity may be easiest with money or time but it is needed in every domain in life, if one wants to really live an abundant life.

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