Thursday, August 6, 2009

Such a cool location for VBS

Crossroads VBS begins on Monday and it will be unique. The Connors are hosting us at their house. They have a fabulous yard for Camp E.D.G.E. We will be taking daily Bible treks.

The first day is Trek to the Promise land. The storytime begins in a tent with a Bible Trek leader from there the kids travel through the woods and down to a river (a real one!) where they meet Joshua aka Pastor Tom in costume. He will be standing next to a stack of 12 stones and he will tell about the trip across the river and how God stopped the water and how the stones were put there to remember what God had done...

The second day is the Trek to Bethlehem. We begin in the tent then follow a star through a path in the woods ending up under the deck where we meet a wise man who tells about visiting Jesus.

The third day we begin in the tent and follow a different path to the Pharasee's house where a servant is cleaning up from a dinner party Jesus had been to. The servant will share about the dinner and teachings of Jesus.

The fourth day we start at our storytelling tent and travel to the upper room. Take the path through the woods and end up on the top level of the deck. We will meet and hear from one of Jesus' disciples.

The fifth day is the trek to Galilee. We travel to a mountain. There really is a hill and meet Mary and hear that Jesus is alive.

The location just lends itself to these stories and except for a few props and some costumes, the prep is relatively simple.

Looking forward to a fun time next week.

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