Tuesday, July 28, 2009

2 days of VBS

Yesterday was the first day of VBS. I began the day as God but because I was just getting over a cold, my voice did not sound "Godlike" enough. So, I was demoted to narrator. Now I ask, "What exactly does God sound like anyway?" That's ok being God wasn't much fun anyway. As God I was stuck behind a burning bush the whole time. I even got corrected during practice when I tried to ad lib God's lines. Apparently God is not allowed to say "Hey Mo, Mo. God here. Take off those shoes..." So I guess I really prefer being the narrator. That way I actually get to interact with the kids and can ad lib without getting in trouble.

Today I was God again. After 9 plagues presented to four different groups of kids, I began wondering how many times I could tell Moses to, "Go to Pharoh and tell him to "Let my people go." At least 36. Ever wonder how God keeps his sanity as he tells us the same things over and over and over... Being God is harder than you think.

Tomorrow is the last plague, the passover. Because of staffing issues, I may very well have to be both God and the narrator. At least I have experience in both roles.

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