Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fun, Busy and Exciting

That's today! VBS went well we celebrated the passover again with a twist. It was the passover/last supper. We used Hawaiian punch in place of wine and of course more Taco bread as the kids call it.

Fast forward to Ben's attending his 1st grade teacher's wedding. She and her husband celebrated communion as their first activity together as man and wife. Ben says in his loud I forgot to whisper voice, "Do you think that is real wine?" I shushed him and he began wispering, "Are they gonna kiss. When are they gonna kiss?" Soon Ben. He looks down for a minute and misses the all important kiss. A forlorn looking Ben says, "I missed it, I can't believe I missed it." We went through the receiving line and I mention to Miss Yurik that Ben missed the kiss. She tells him not to worry she will kiss Chad again soon. He just stands there, staring at her, waiting and holding up the line. Finally, Miss Yurik aka Mrs. Gery asks Ben if he wants her to kiss Chad now. Ben nods. Mrs. Gery asks her husband if she can borrow him for a minute and explains the situation. They kiss and Mrs. Gery says, "See Ben, we really are married." That was good enough for Ben. He was all smiles from then on.

Got the call I've been waiting for. I was just accepted into Palmer Theological Seminary's MDiv/MSW dual master's program! While I took a class last spring I was a non-matriculate. I had not completed the application process for the degree candidates. Now I am actually working toward a degree. The class I took in the spring will count toward my degree. I am planning on taking 4 classes this fall. O.T Pentateuch, Church History I, Introduction to Seminary Writing and Spiritual Formation I. I took N.T. Study this spring and loved it.

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